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Did you know?

GFI's also known as "Ground Fault Interrupter outlets" are required by the electrical code for receptacles in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, outside receptacles, and receptacles near swimming pools. They can save lives. Call 360 Electrical for a free quote on installing GFI's in needed locations.
Tripping breakers?

Plugging in 2 or more electrical devices such as floor heaters, wall A/C units, toasters, microwaves and even vacuums to an existing outlet can overload your circuit breaker! Find out how you can avoid such problems by calling our Toll free number and talk to a technician today. Best of all it's free.

360 Electric serves the greater Los Angeles area including Ventura and Orange counties. From Valencia to the north and Laguna in the south, Arleta to the east and Ventura to the west, call on 360 Electric's fast, friendly and professional technicians to test and analyze your needs.

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We would highly recommend 360 Electric. They installed an efficient lighting system for our new shop which helped us save hundreds of dollars in electricity and planning costs. 6 months now and not a single complaint!

George k. - Owner

Emily G.

I called 360 Electric to get them to come out and take care of my outlets in the garage that were not working. I had a previous electrician quote me over $800 dollars and said I needed a rewire. 360 Electric told me to reset my "GFI" outlet over the phone. To my amazement everything worked! I will never trust any other company again!

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